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Written by PAUL LEVITZ
On sale NOVEMBER 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The secret history of Earth 2 continues! In this issue, jump back in time to a point when Superman and Batman were children! When a visitor from Apokolips attempts to confront the boys as part of a galactic prophesy, only one being can stand in their way: Wonder Woman!


- Batman and Robin #10

'From where I'm sitting, it looks like killing could be your speciality.'

Says Damian about Tim.

I don’t read the New 52 Teen Titans, but this seems unecessary and downright cruel to bring up and wallow in such a tragic event. I don’t think Damian’s doing Tim any favours with it.

I never liked this particular scene even if I did understand the reasoning behind it.
It’s no secret that Tim and Damian never saw eye to eye but it came to ahead during the new 52 run of B&R.

Tim found out what Damian did to Nobody during the first B&R arc and used it to mock and belittle him and his contributions to the Robin mantle and Batman’s legacy. Damian, as you can already see from the panel above, later did the same to Tim to show him that if Damian truly is a reckless, cold-blooded killer for what he did to Nobody then Tim is no better than Damian is because he ended up almost doing the same thing to Fist Point.

The whole eye for an eye thing with Tim really did feel a bit unnecessary but I understand why that particular event from Teen Titans was used in this issue of B&R.

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Moon Knight  (2014) #4



- Batman and Robin 24

This is fantastic. I’ve missed these two so much. They’re arguing about what’s best to do for and with Jason.

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Dccomicgeek: asked Donna Troy or Cassie Sandsmark

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Kori in Red Hood and the Outlaws #33

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X-Position: Pak Calls Down The Lightning For Storm

As "Storm" heads into its second issue, Pak returned to X-Position to answer questions about the first issue, as well as tease events to come — including the difficulties facing Ororo as the series progresses, how his previous work with God-like characters might inform “Storm,” the appearance of Yukio in the series and more

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Gotham by Midnight, a new ongoing series from DC Comics, launches November 26, 2014.

  lady-alternate: No, the script changes only came in later because it had taken SO LONG that it had moved itself out of continuity, so lots of details were wrong, visual and written.

Jesus, I love Jim Cheung’s art but he’s basically John Cassaday 2.0 when it comes to art delays, isn’t he?