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The Origins of The Darkness as told in Artifacts: Origins

There are two constants in the universe: The Darkness and The Light. The Darkness has always taken a human host, passed on like a virus from father to son, creating a parade of conquerors and killers through history.

Jackie Estacado grew up an orphan, but found a “family” as a member of the Franchetti crime family. He rose through its ranks to become a mob enforcer, a hitman with a talent for death, and a taste for fast women and fast cars. But on his 21st birthday, Jackie learned his true birthright was to serve as host for The Darkness.

Jackie now possesses immense power  or perhaps power possesses him.

He commands a legion of horrific creatures, including his signature darklings, and can travel from one place to another within the shadows. 

But a man of honor like Jackie is still haunted by what he has become. Even he knows there’s good reason to be afraid of the dark.


Written by Ron Marz; Art by Dale Keown.

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